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How to Make Money Using Other People’s YouTube Videos

In today’s digital age, there are numerous ways to earn money online, offering an abundance of opportunities for tech-savvy individuals. One such method is through the use of YouTube videos – and the best part is, that you can use other people’s content while staying within the terms of service of YouTube, and with the consent of the content creator.

In this post, I’ll be guiding you on how to earn a stable income using other people’s videos to generate affiliate commissions. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more exciting tips!

Leveraging Content through Affiliate Marketing

First and foremost, I’ll demonstrate this technique using a blog post I created. This post is based on this YouTube video, which is my own. You’re more than welcome to replicate this process with any of my videos, as well as with content from other creators.

The tool I used for creating this post is an AI tool called Tap Video. With Tap Video, I used the share URL of my chosen YouTube video and transformed it into an engaging, SEO-friendly blog post.

Not video-savvy? Not a problem. This method is perfect for those of you who wish to earn affiliate commissions without creating video content yourselves.

Generating Affiliate Commissions: A Step-by-Step Guide

My video promotes ‘Osclass Submitter’, a classified ad submission software. This software is able to distribute hundreds of ads per day across 26 different websites and is one of our best-selling products. You can earn a whopping 50% commission if you join our affiliate program and sell Osclass Submitter!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Get the share URL of your chosen video.

  2. Head over to the back end of Video Tap. (I’ve put the link in the description below. You get to experiment with three videos for free)

  3. Click ‘Add Video’ and paste the URL you just copied.

  4. Next, click ‘Blog Post’, and you’ll see a button that says ‘Create Video.’

  5. Click this button, and VideoTap will automatically create a blog post for you – with screenshots and all.

  6. Once your post is ready, select ‘Export,’ and then ‘Copy HTML’ or ‘Copy Markdown.’

  7. Finally, paste this into your blog platform.

Paste the markdown from VideoTap here.

I use WordPress for my platforms, but this method is compatible with all major blogging platforms.

Reaping the Affiliate Marketing Benefits

Now that your blog post is ready, you can replace the included links with your affiliate links and include enticing calls to action that encourage people to click and download the software. If you’re a WordPress user, the process is as simple as clicking ‘Edit’ and updating your affiliate link.

The beauty of this strategy is that if you create unique, valuable blog posts, they’ll likely rank well on Google, resulting in an influx of organic, search engine traffic. Consider creating a series of blog posts about your top-performing affiliate programs for the best chance of success.

Remember to always check that the video you’ve chosen to use is listed under Creative Commons. This license allows you to incorporate other people’s work into your creation, without infringing on copyright laws. To confirm whether a video is listed under Creative Commons, just search the video’s title on YouTube, filter your search by Creative Commons, and see if it shows up in the search results. This is an essential step, so always make sure a video is under Creative Commons before using it.

Getting Started with Affiliate Commission

Next, join the affiliate program for Osclass Submitter for free, grab your unique affiliate link, and get set to cash in on 50% commissions. Then, insert this link into your blog posts and begin promoting them far and wide – on Medium, Facebook groups, Quora, or similar channels.

Whether it’s through your own self-hosted WordPress website, a free platform like Blogger or Medium, or another service, the possibilities are endless. Furthermore, your unique, value-added blog posts will benefit from the enhanced visibility that comes with incorporating videos.

So now, equipped with this strategy, it’s time to kick start your affiliate marketing journey. Don’t hesitate to share your success stories and blog posts with me – I’d love to share them across my social networks.

Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to subscribe to Quick Register SEO for more exciting tips. I look forward to seeing your progress. Happy blogging!

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